Top Ten Crime Fiction of 2013

1. Hunting Shadows - Sheila Bugler
Brandon £8.99

"Wonderful characterisation and a gripping plot. DI Ellen Kelly's mourning felt so tangible that it was heart-wrenching. This debut pulled me in straight away and I was hooked! A book that has stayed with me long after the reading. (Chris Simmons)

Hunting Shadows Review"

2. The Eighth Circle of Hell - Gary Dolman
Thames River Press £8.99

"A heart-rending account of paedophile rings in Victorian times. (Graham Smith)

The Eighth Circle of Hell Review"

3. The Devil's Recruit - S.G. MacLean
Quercus £18.99

"I loved this book because of its originality. The time frame of the 16th century is not so unusual but the setting of Aberdeen is. It was interesting to read of the politics and religion in Scotland at that time set against the more well-known English viewpoint and, in this book, the wider European political manoeuvring. The scholarship of the author shines through. (Sylvia Dixon)

The Devil's Recruit Review"

4. Rubbernecker - Belinda Bauer
Transworld £6.99

"My top crime fiction read of 2013 came very early in the year in the form of Belinda Bauer’s ‘Rubbernecker’. A gripping psychological thriller with realistic characters and a jaw-dropping plot. For me, Belinda Bauer is the new Minette Walters. (Michael Wood)

Rubbernecker Review"

5. Where The Devil Can't Go - Anya Lipska
The Friday Project £7.99

"This novel came out as an e-book in 2012 but after a phenomenal response to this title it was picked up by a publisher and released as a paperback in 2013. Lipska shows us a whole new ballgame in crime fiction by swinging a spotlight on the Polish community in London. If you haven't read this one - then get it! And if you have, then like me you can't wait for the next instalment! (Chris Simmons)

Where The Devil Can't Go Review"

6. Burial Rites - Hannah Kent
Picador £12.99

"A remarkable piece of work for a first novel. Nineteenth century Iceland is an unusual setting, particularly for an Australian author. However, the strength of the story and the passion of the writing reveal the impact the true tale of Agnes Magnusdottir had on this young author. Very powerful writing, indeed. (Sylvia Dixon)

Burial Rites Review"

7. Norwegian By Night - Derek B. Miller
Faber £7.99

"A chase tale where the hero, in his 80’s is fighting to save the life of a small boy. With one of the most engaging characters I came across in 2013, this fascinating novel manages to combine a breakneck pace with lyrical prose. (Michael J. Malone)"

8. One By One - Chris Carter
Simon and Schuster £12.99

"Chris Carter consistently delivers one brilliant thriller after another. Carter is definitely an author who is getting better with each book and they are well worth checking out. (Helen Avery)

One By One Review"

9. The October List - Jeffery Deaver
Hodder £18.99

"Take everything you know about how a crime novel plays out, flip it on its head then mix in one extraordinary author with a fascination for complex and detailed plots. The result is ‘The October List’, a fantastic fractured timeline novel with a superb twist. (Joanne Parker)"

10. Close To The Bone - Stuart MacBride
Harper Collins £7.99

"A delightfully dark procedural from the grittiest writer alive. (Graham Smith)

Close To The Bone Review"