November 2015

Tom Adams and John Curran - Tom Adams Uncovered

"...a sumptuous book..."

Displayed here are a selection of paintings by Tom Adams who, quite rightly is famed for his iconic covers of Christie's Fontana paperbacks during the 60's and 70's. Here in wonderful glossy colour, Adams presents his artwork, including others he was involved in (Tom Foules' 'The Collector' is another of his famous covers). Alongside each entry is a 'commentary' from Adams himself and Curran who in recent years released the Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks.

This is a sumptuous book and no expense has been spared on reproducing these iconic Christie covers. Although this isn't purely on Christie's books, it does take up a large portion of the book. So, if you are worried that any Christie fan would not get their 'hit' of Christie, then don't worry. Included here is Adams' cover for 'Poirot and the Greenshore Folly' which was lengthened to 'Dead Man's Folly'. The original novella was newly issued two years back. There is also a wonderful portrait of Christie surrounded by items and clues that allude to many of her books. This portrait as well as others by Adams seem to have gone on a wander, which makes one feel either Adams or the publisher were a little avant garde with his artwork or more likely they are such stunning and iconic pieces that it was difficult for someone not to walk off with it and hang it on a wall at home! Adams states that he had to draw his cover of 'Endless Night' three times as the first two went walkies!

This book is really one of those gorgeous books you can flick through time and time again. The images and the colours leap out at you and it is a chronicle of an exemplary artist's journey. Even his other work is stunning and demands your attention. This is one of those books that would definitely score you a lot of points if given as a present to any Christie fan. Superb.

Reviewed by: C.S.

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