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April 2007

Chris Kuzneski - Sign of the Cross

"For those with the stamina this is definitely a one-sitting read!"

Is 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' simply that – just a story? Worse still, is it a coldly calculated confidence trick, created in secret over 2000 years ago by an evil Roman Emperor to capture the minds and empty the purses of countless generations? Who knows, and who stands to benefit…?

It starts spectacularly. A Vatican priest is murdered at the castle of Elsinore in Denmark – crucified in a macabre, ritual style. He is the first victim, but surely will not be the last. Nick Dial, brought in by Interpol to investigate, finds himself drawn into an extraordinary adventure. As he tries to unravel the killing spree, he uncovers an archetypal pattern – or is it a sign?

Meanwhile, in a hidden room carved underneath the Roman Catacombs of Orvieto, an archaeologist uncovers a perfectly preserved scroll dating back to the time of Christ. Does the scroll contain the key to unlock a sinister plot that will rock the faith and foundations of the Church? The truth will out… but at what cost?

Oh no, I hear you groan, not another Biblical thriller complete with ancient codes and hidden secrets set to rock the world… Don't panic!

In Sign of the Cross, Chris Kuzneski has created an entirely original world-view and tells us an extraordinary tale with one hell of a sting to it. He writes like a dream and (aside from the slightly annoying and rather obvious habit of handing cliff-hangers to us on a plate in the last couple of sentences of some chapters) his thriller style is nigh on flawless. Indeed, the author has created a page-turning style that older thriller pros would give up serious appendages to perfect.

For those with the stamina this is definitely a one-sitting read! We won't spoil too many of the countless twists and turns, but suffice to say that the reader will travel through centuries and continents to encounter breathtaking adventure and excitement – and unravel a mysterious quest that may make them question the very core of our spiritual foundations. Needless to say, I strongly advise you to take the journey!

Reviewed by: A.C.

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