June 2014

Neil Broadfoot - Falling Fast

"I have no compunction whatsoever in recommending this superb debut..."

Story-hungry journalist Doug McGregor is out to track down a convicted rapist and on the run after being hounded out of his home by a lynch mob. But a grisly suicide in the heart of tourist Edinburgh piques Doug's curiosity and diverts his attention - especially once his police contact and occasional drinking partner, DS Susie Drummond, reveals that the victim is connected to a high-profile and controversial politician. Together, they find themselves unravelling a story of secrets, drug abuse, violence, murder...and the ultimate taboo.

Neil Broadfoot is a new boy on the crime fiction scene and he has delivered this ripping tale of capital high jinks. There's no question Broadfoot is the real deal. He writes with flow and pace, employs a nice touch in misdirection and his story snares you from the off.

I enjoyed spending time with his protagonists McGregor and Drummond. The journalist and copper twosome is a well-used trope in crime fiction for good reason, it works. And in 'Falling Fast', Broadfoot continues that tradition to great effect. For a nice change, he was not tempted to suggest sexual tension between them, simply making them pals who do each other a favour now and again - most likely, getting the other into trouble with their respective bosses. I have to admit a fondness for Susie Drummond. I do like a strong kick-ass woman in my crime reads.

I have no compunction whatsoever in recommending this superb debut to all you crime fiction fans out there. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by: M.M.

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