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Ben Aaronovitch   Foxglove Summer   December 2014    
Jeff Abbott   Panic   July 2006    
  Fear   May 2007    
  Run   July 2008    
  Adrenaline   November 2010    
  Last Minute (The)   July 2011    
  Downfall   March 2014    
  Blame   November 2020    
Megan Abbott   End of Everything (The)   November 2011    
  Give Me Your Hand   August 2018    
  Turnout (The)   August 2021   Author of the Month
Dan Abnett   Aquaman: Vol.1 - The Drowning    0   Graphic Novel
  Titans: Vol.1 - The Return of Wally West    0   Graphic Novel
G.D. Abson   Motherland   June 2018   Fresh Blood
Cathy Ace   Corpse with the Emerald Thumb (The)   June 2014    
  Corpse with the Platinum Hair (The)   October 2014    
  Corpse With The Ruby Lips (The)   December 2016    
  Corpse with the Crystal Skull (The)   August 2020    
Gilbert Adair   Act of Roger Murgatroyd (The)   December 2006   Author of the Month
Guy Adams   Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau   November 2012    
Tom Adams and John Curran   Tom Adams Uncovered   November 2015    
Will Adams   Lost Labyrinth (The)   March 2010    
  Eden Legacy (The)   May 2011    
  Sacred Spoils (The)   August 2020    
Rennie Airth   Dead of Winter (The)   May 2009   Author of the Month
Jussi Alder-Olsen   Mercy   June 2011    
Margery Allingham   Dancers In Mourning   May 2014    
  Crime at Black Dudley (The)   July 2015    
  Police at the Funeral   April 2017    
  Crime at Black Dudley (The)   April 2017    
Amen Alonge   A Good Day To Die   February 2022   Fresh Blood
Ahmet Altan   Endgame   July 2016    
Karin Alvtegen   Shame   October 2006    
Lin Anderson   Final Cut   June 2010    
  Follow the Dead   August 2017   Author of the Month
Sasha Arango   Truth and Other Lies (The)   September 2015    
Jeffrey Archer   Nothing Ventured   December 2019    
  Hidden In Plain Sight   December 2020   Author of the Month
  Over My Dead Body   October 2022    
Ursula P. Archer   Five   June 2014    
Jakob Arjouni   Chez Max   May 2010    
M J Arlidge   Hide and Seek   December 2016    
M.J. Arlidge   Eeny Meany   May 2014    
  Pop Goes The Weasel   September 2014    
  Doll's House (The)   March 2015    
  Liar Liar   September 2015    
  Little Boy Blue   April 2016    
  All Fall Down   July 2020    
Jake Arnott   Fatal Tree (The)   March 2017    
Lindsay Ashford   Strange Blood   May 2006    
  Death Studies   July 2006    
  Killer Inside (The)   April 2008    
  Mysterious Death of Miss Austen (The)   December 2011    
Claire Askew   All the Hidden Truths   August 2018    
Ace Atkins   Lost Ones (The)   December 2013    
Ace Atkins/Robert B. Parker   Wonderland   October 2014    
Lucy Atkins   Night Visitor (The)   August 2017    
Kate Atkinson   When Will There Be Good News?   October 2008    
  Started Early, Took My Dog   October 2010    
Jonathan Aycliffe   Silence of Ghosts (The)   January 2014    
  Naomi's Room   December 2014    
  Shadow on the Wall   December 2016    
  Lost (The)   January 2017    
  Vanishment (The)   September 2019    
Ian Ayris   Abide With Me   May 2012   Fresh Blood
  One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean   March 2013    
  April Skies   August 2016