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Author of the Month is Nadine Matheson with her second novel, The Binding Room. Matheson burst on to the crime scene with her debut, ‘The Jigsaw Man’, introducing DI Anjelica Henley who had been ‘benched’ since bringing Peter Olivier aka The Jigsaw Man to justice. Now Henley and the CSU team face another horrific case. A black pastor has been found at his altar with numerous stab wounds. Checking the church, Henley finds an emaciated man tied to a bed. Henley is shocked to find the man is still alive, if barely. So begins a sadistic and convoluted case that will test Henley as not only a police officer, but as a black woman. Tackling social issues, Matheson leads her reader down dark corridors of a sick mind and delivers a thrilling case that only cements her place in crime fiction.

Fresh Blood is London In Black by Jack Lutz. The year is 2029. Two years previously there were a serious of attacks on the populace. A nerve gas called London Black was used. Not everyone was affected. Those that were are classed as ‘Vulnerables’. Not everyone survived. A serum was found to stabilise those affected. Now the man who founded this serum that has become a lifeline to many, including DI Lucy Stone, has been found murdered just before he was to make an announcement. There were rumours of a cure, but Stone has to find out if that was true. But someone is determined to stop her before finding the truth. Lutz wonderfully invokes a futuristic London that is dark and on its guard as attacks of the gas still continue. ‘London in Black’ is a race against time thriller which is totally nail-bitingly good.

Reviews this month includes a bumper load of reviews including Mark Edwards, Rosemary Shrager, Brian McGilloway, Sharon Bolton, Donna Leon plus many, many others including a few oldies from Patricia Highsmith and Colin Dexter.

On Classic Crime is another author added to the great British Library Crime Classics. This time it is Christianna Brand and her famous Cockrill case, Green For Danger. Brand’s novel written during WWII, describes the mysterious death of a patient on the operating table. Despite Cockrill’s presence, Brand focusses on the dynamic of the suspects after the murder. This novel is suffused with the atmosphere of Britain under siege from German bombers. Brand is wonderful at transporting one to those uncertain days when people didn’t know if they would survive the day from a German attack. Brand’s solution is sublime and the clues are all there. This is definitely another gold standard title added to this already wonderful series of crime classics.

Events stays with Agatha Christie as the new Miss Marple collection is due out in September 2022. Written by established female crime writers of the present, this will be an interesting addition to the Marple canon.

Top Ten will be online soon to show our summer tips for a hot crime read!

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