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Author of the Month for June is Michael Ridpath with his new standalone novel, Amnesia. This is a wonderful tale of web-weaving I have read for a very long time. Those strands get stretched and stretched over the years and decades, with all those lies hanging on those strands, making it more and more fragile, breakable. This is suitably demonstrated by Ridpath to great effect.

Fresh Blood for June is a stunning debut called The Mayfly from exciting new author, James Hazel. I have not read a book so quick for ages as I did ‘The Mayfly’. I am sure you will feel the same once you crack open this amazing debut.

We have a bumper number of fantastic Reviews from all the Crimesquad team including the likes of William Shaw, James Carol, Anne Randall, Mark Edwards, Graham Smith and others.

Classic Crime will change in June, so keep an eye out!

To celebrate the new Wonder Woman movie out 1st June, I have written a piece for the Events page about the longevity of this amazing Amazon!

The Penguin microsite features Matthew Richardson and his astonishing espionage drama, My Name is Nobody. Richardson is a researcher and speech writer in Westminster, which could lead people to believe that Richardson is highly qualified to write a novel about stretching the truth and giving a skewed version of the truth! Perfect qualifications for a spy novel! Enjoy!

Penguin Microsite

Top Ten is on hiatus for the moment, but will be back!

To check out all our past reviews use the Review Archive. Search under author surname and author Christian name if you can’t recall the surname. And for good measure you can also search under the title of the book. Simply click on the box at the top of the page and then click on to the letter of the author/title you would like to find. As you will see, we have reviewed a huge amount of books during's twelve years. Have a wander round our archives and I hope you will find something you might have missed first time around!


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