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Author of the Month is Stuart Neville with his new novel, The House of Ashes. This is a hugely powerful book. It has suspense, a supernatural edge to it and the people who populated this story roamed around my head – and weeks later, they are still there. So strong were their characters, they feel real, as though I have read an account that is all too true. ‘The House of Ashes’ is a book I consumed in a few days – and I am not a fast reader, but these people lived with me and wouldn’t let me go until I turned that final page. Books like these come infrequently, but ‘The House of Ashes’ I will be pushing on to people for a long time.

Fresh Blood will be online mid-Feb

Reviews this month includes Elly Griffiths, Olivier Norek, Louise Welsh, Robert Bryndza and C.S. Robertson (aka Craig Robertson) plus many others.

On Classic Crime will be on by the 10th Feb, celebrating something very special all crime fans have been waiting a long time for!! All will be revealed soon.

Events reverts back to Agatha Christie as I have more reviews coming up, having read many of her books in 2021. It is quite surprising reading them with adult eyes as many I haven’t read since a teenager. Many crime readers and writers name Christie’s books as their first foray into the crime arena, and I was no different. Re-reading them now, I can see why she still holds readers spellbound even to this day.

Top Ten will soon change, which will also tie up with our Classic Crime author for Feb!

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Chris Simmons
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