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Sarah Hilary burst on to the crime scene in 2014 with her astounding and thought-provoking debut, Someone Else’s Skin which went on to win the Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year Award 2015 at the Harrogate Festival. Now DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake are back – and again they are up against an evil that some only thought existed in nightmares. reviewer, Michael Wood read Tastes Like Fear over a weekend. In his words, with only her third novel, Hilary is carving out a deep and dark niche for herself in the world of crime fiction. This is why she is Author of the Month for April.

Fresh Blood stays as Olly Jarvis and his debut, Death by Dangerous. This will change mid-month to another author to be announced mid-April. If you haven’t read Death by Dangerous yet, then I highly recommend this gripping courtroom drama from a man who has spent the past twenty years as a barrister. You can tell that Jarvis knows his stuff and it shows here. Thankfully, he also has the ability of explaining the ways of our legal system simply without hindering his breakneck plot.

Reviews page in April include Harlan Coben, Barbara Nadel, Jeffery Deaver, M.J. Arlidge, Steve Burrows plus loads of others and more to come in the next few weeks.

The Penguin microsite features M.J. Arlidge who already has four bestsellers tucked under his belt with his DI Helen Grace series. It all started with Eeny Meeny and there has been no stopping him. Now Arlidge delivers the fifth Grace novel, Little Boy Blue in only just over two years – and this one is a corker! Here, Arlidge unravels Helen Grace’s life and you wonder if she is ever going to recover from this very personal case.

Penguin Microsite

John le Carré has been writing for decades and still there is a huge buzz whenever he realises a new novel – or when there is a TV/film adaptation. We have all been raving about The Night Manager which has been gluing us all to our TV screens on a Sunday evening (whatever are we going to do now it is finished?) and Our Kind of Traitor is due for release this year. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for le Carré that nobody can explain. Is it his insider knowledge or our constant fascination with the world of spies and the fake world they live in that keeps us captivated? Is it the dance with danger we all fanaticise about? Who knows. What is unquestionable is that le Carré is an unstoppable juggernaut. Classic Crime highlights le Carré’s second novel to feature George Smiley, A Murder of Quality. This short novel is le Carré’s one and only foray in the ‘straight crime’ arena. Here, Smiley is asked to investigate the death of a teacher’s wife at one of the most privileged schools in Britain. What Smiley uncovers is a mass of writhing snobbery, a closed shop mentality about class and those who do and do not fit in.

Lisa Gardner was our Author of the Month with her brilliant nove, Find Her. Lisa has given us her Top Ten of all time. Lisa has picked a number of amazing reads – some I know will tempt you!

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