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Normally I have something to say with every title page, however despite wracking my brain, I have very little to say except that thank goodness spring is here, the days are longer and the weather is warmer. We have loads of great reviews for you this month and more will follow. So, for once, I will keep it short and sweet and put on my thinking cap as to what to say in May!!

Christopher Fowler’s ‘Bryant and May’ series has garnered a strong army of fans. Who would have thought that two cantankerous old gents would appeal to the average reader? Each macabre mystery is laced with Fowler’s own dark and wonderful humour making you smile as much as he intrigues you with his mystical plots. His latest, ‘The Bleeding Heart’ had me gripped from the opening chapter and I knew this had to be Author of the Month in April. And just to confirm that is me standing next to Chris Fowler with a model of the Silver Surfer which was on the balcony of his gorgeous London home. I did try to steal the model as I am a bit of a Superhero nut, but the Silver Surfer just wouldn't fit in my pocket!

Fresh Blood is Paul Mendelson and his amazing debut novel based in Cape Town: ‘The First Rule of Survival’ is a multi-layered novel played out on the unforgiving South African landscape involving kidnapping and murder with a backdrop of a new land that is still in its infancy politically.

Reviewsis stacked to the rafters with brand new reviews from Belinda Bauer, Harlan Coben, John Connolly, James Oswald and Zoe Sharp with a few re-issued classics from Josephine Bell and Celia Fremlin. I am sure there is something for everyone here – and more to arrive in the coming month.

Classic Crime is John Greenwood. This author is better known as John Buxton Hilton who wrote several cases featuring Superintendent Simon Kenworthy. Under the pseudonym of Greenwood, he produced six novels featuring Mosley who was only reliable at tracking down lost livestock and stolen goods. In his first case he is given the task of finding the murderer of Brenda Thwaites who had grown up in the village decades earlier, had not been seen for years only to make a sudden reappearance. Soon after coming back she is found shot in her parents’ home. With no one else able to take on the case, it is handed to Mosley. This shambolic detective who has the appearance of a tramp knows everyone within his domain and has taken down notes of their habits and peccadilloes for over thirty years. He is a quiet force to be reckoned with. This short tale is a brilliant introduction for anyone who loves a solid classic crime mystery. reviewer, Michael Wood has put together his Top Ten crime novels. As with all of us crime fans, we love a challenge and I believe that Michael had a wonderful time pouring over his extensive library to find his personal Top Ten. I believe it is a very strong Top Ten and I agree with many of the titles Michael has chosen. Click on to the link and see what you think.

Michael's Top Ten

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