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Author of the Month for August is Lin Anderson and the next thrilling instalment in her Rhona MacLeod series, Follow the Dead. Thankfully, I read this book on a few warm days, (more than likely that is the extent of our British summer), and I felt ill-equipped and should have had worn snow boots as Anderson took me up the Cairngorm Mountains. A link to Norway opens this investigation up in such a way that I couldnít read fast enough! This really is thrilling stuff and I devoured this book. I am sure you will, too.

Fresh Blood for August is Matthew Richardson and his debut, My Name is Nobody. Much has been made of this new spy novel from this twenty-six year-old. I have to advise not to judge Richardson on his age, as he writes well beyond them. As a man who works in politics and is amongst the Westminster machinations, you feel that he certainly has a lot of experience under his belt. His debut is a wonderfully subtle work in the art of spying. A truly engaging read.

We have a bumper number of fantastic Reviews from all the Crimesquad team including the likes of Stephen Booth, S.G. MacLean, Matt Hilton, Simon Scarrow, Tess Gerritsen and many more. There is a bumper load for you to choose from and plenty you will want to take on holiday!

Classic Crime continues to be Janet Neel to celebrate the re-issue of her last book, Ticket to Ride. Neel won the John Creasey Debut Dagger Award back in 1989 with the first in the Francesca Wilson and Inspector John McLeish books which were a great success. This latest features a new heroine, Jules Carlisle, a new solicitor who gets embroiled in a case of illegal trafficking. Although this was first published in 2005, the subject matter is still very relevant, more so now with Brexit and a gripping read. However, keep an eye out as in August Classic Crime will change to one of the Grande Dames of the Golden Age of Crime!

There has been great buzz about the new edition of The Hours Before Dawn by Celia Fremlin. Word has spread via Twitter and it is marvellous to see many people getting excited by this writer who won the Edgar for Best Crime Novel in the US in 1960. Fremlinís writing is sublime and the subject matter is still relevant nearly sixty years later. You can now enjoy one of the frontrunners of the genre which has been renamed as Domestic Noir. This is thrilling stuff, but donít take my word for it, read the thoughts of Sarah Hilary on the Events page!

The Penguin microsite features Matthew Richardson and his astonishing espionage drama, My Name is Nobody. Richardson is a researcher and speech writer in Westminster, which could lead people to believe that Richardson is highly qualified to write a novel about stretching the truth and giving a skewed version of the truth! Perfect qualifications for a spy novel! Enjoy!

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Top Ten features the latest exciting books that any reader MUST put in their suitcase. These are perfect reads whether you prefer to be beside the pool, or on the beach.

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