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Author of the Month for October is Jason Starr. Jason burst on to the scene back in 1997 with his twisted tale, Cold Caller. After a number of dark tales in the same vein, Starr branched out and has since written two Werewolf novels and in 2016 will release the fourth novel in his collaboration with Ken Bruen. With Savage Lane, Starr moves out of his usual New York comfort zone (but not too far) to the N.Y. ‘burbs’ and holds a cracked mirror to the whispers and rumours that hiss like serpents within the suburban paradise.

Fresh Blood is Michael Wood and his crime debut, For Reasons Unknown. It is no secret that Michael has been a reviewer for for some time and it was a great cause for celebration that another reviewer has got their own work in print. This now makes four reviewers in total. Michael has combined his love of crime fiction and woven it in to a dark tale that is part police procedural, part psychological tale that I found totally compelling.

As the days get shorter many of us become ‘home bodies’. I guess it is our way of battening down the hatches and hibernating until the warmer weather comes back around in the spring. Thankfully, we haven’t completely relinquished the warm climate yet, but even now the mornings that were so warm, now have a nip in the air as the mist is slowly burnt off by the weak sunshine. You may now be looking for that next great read. I hope you will find plenty of excellent options on our Reviews page which is crammed with fantastic crime novels to choose from. Included are: Barbara Nadel, Joseph Finder, Karin Fossum, Don Winslow plus exciting new novels from Nik Frobenius and Robert Karjel which is already stirring things up in the U.S. Tons more will be added throughout October.

The Penguin microsite features M.J. Arlidge and his latest in the D.I. Grace series, Liar Liar. Arlidge’s debut, Eeny Meeny only appeared in 2014 and already this series has skyrocketed in popularity. This is one series any confirmed crime reader needs to become acquainted with – and fast. Already the fifth outing for D.I. Helen Grace has been announced before ‘Liar Liar’ has been released! Arlidge is quickly making a name for himself within the crime fiction arena. Also check out our review – this new one is smoking hot!

Penguin Microsite

Check out the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival microsite for all the news and photos from the festival which by all accounts was one of the best. Don’t forget to read the interviews with Arnaldur Indridason, Sara Paretsky, Hakan Nesser and a privilege interview with the charismatic Lee Child.

Theakston’s Crime Writing Festival

Classic Crime will be an author I have been meaning to read for years. Freeman Wills Crofts was extremely popular during the Golden era of crime fiction and had a reputation for being a great tactician. He was highly regarded (even by Chandler) and pushed the envelope so as not to fall in to the trap many of his contemporaries fell into. The British Library have done a stunning job over the past few years of bringing to the fore old writers who have fallen out of favour and out of print. Antidote to Venom sees Crofts deliver a stunning psychological novel of spine-chilling menace. This re-issue shows how the man tried to reinvent different strategies so as not become predictable. A label, it appears, one could never stick on Freeman Wills Crofts.

July Author of the Month, Cathi Unsworth was kind enough to put her thinking cap on and deliver her Top Ten crime novels. As to be expected from the Empress of Noir, Cathi Unsworth has delivered a list of amazing writers that have instilled fear, chills and respect in her. Some you may have heard of, some may be new to you. What you can be guaranteed of, is they will all be amazing and well-worth investigating.

Don’t forget that Cathi Unsworth’s new novel, Without the Moon is out now from Serpent’s Tail.

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