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Dan Abnett - Titans: Vol.1 - The Return of Wally West

"...albeit in their new incarnations, Abnett allows echoes from the original 60’s/70’s series. "

After 'Rebirth', Wally West is back in the real world – but nobody remembers him. But he remembers them. He remembers the young friends he had who had once been the Teen Titans. Now he must make them remember Wally West as their memories have been tampered with, taken, stolen, erased. Who has ripped these memories from different metas on this world? Why do some feel as though there is a hole where something used to be?

As Lilith tries to find the truth through Wally's subconscious, she triggers another memory – but this time it is someone they would prefer not to meet again – and he is mad as hell and out for revenge.

I loved the Teen Titans when I caught the very end of the original series! It had so much promise in 1977 with Mal, Bumblebee, Golden Eagle, Beast Boy, Harlequin aka The Joker's Daughter and Lilith. And then the series died! Thankfully, it was resurrected by George Perez and Marv Wolfman who sent this title in to the stratosphere. Since then, Titans has had many different line-ups. This one now has Lilith who was killed by a Superman android in 'Graduation Day', but now brought back to life through the storyline in 'Titans Hunt'. She appears to have taken the place of Raven now that the latter is with the Teen Titans and of course, Cyborg has been elevated to the Justice League. I hope you are keeping up at the back! As I said, there have been many shifts in this group. I like the fact that the originals are here: Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Lilith - albeit in their new incarnations, Abnett allows echoes from the original 60's/70's series. It makes it fresh while at the same time having that feeling that the old gang are back again.

This storyline brings back an old nemesis of the Flash, someone with a huge grudge against Wally West. Now he is back, Wally has to realise that it is not only the good that will be reawakened upon his return, but the bad and the ugly as well. Brett Booth's artistry is eye-catching although I did notice that everyone appears to have 'big hair' especially Wally… and the moustache on the villain of this piece (small clue for you there), is very flamboyant to say the least! The story finishes with a little teaser alongside the re-introduction of one of my favourite villains in the DC Universe, a certain one-eyed assassin. I will say no more. One thing I do hope is that Tempest isn't on the side-lines every time and that Lilith's powers are further explored. A strong start to what I hope will be an exciting series that appears to be faithful to The Titans mantle.

Reviewed by: C.S.

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