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Dan Abnett - Aquaman: Vol.1 - The Drowning

" of the stand-out series of ‘Rebirth’."

To bring the surface dwellers and the world of Atlantis on to the same platform, Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis has created an Atlantean embassy on dry land: Spindrift Station. But there are factions of the sea world who see the surface as an enemy and will play their part in dividing the two. The Deluge is one of those who aim to bring destruction to the land. But there is a greater menace who has a bitter blood feud with the King himself: Black Manta. Soon, not only is Arthur and Mera battling their arch-enemy, but the US army as well. It appears that Arthur's dream of a united peace is further than he ever hoped.

Abnett takes the stance of Aquaman being the third wheel in the Justice League. He was always the hero who was separate from the team, the one the public never quite trusted. Abnett uses this to show a man who is caught between two cultures, desperate to be heard amongst a cacophony of prejudices on both sides. It makes for much in the way of politics and in some ways mirrors the political tensions we see on our TV's today.

Arthur traverses a political landmine, trying his best to soothe the stance of both sea and land with many of the sea dwellers including their King, not used to being powerless to the dictates of the law of the land. It makes for very interesting power struggles. The latter part finds Arthur and Mera fighting the US Army to get to the sea to fight The Deluge. Not the best way to build bridges and confidence. An appearance from Superman shows the volatility of their long-standing friendship. In all, this is a very strong and assured start to this new series. I was a little apprehensive as Geoff Johns gave Aquaman such an amazing comeback during the New 52 reboot. However, it appears that Aquaman is in safe hands where Abnett is concerned. Again, for me, one of the stand-out series of 'Rebirth'.

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