MIRA Launch

MIRA kindly invited us to a delightful lunch event at Smiths of Smithfield to launch three great new titles, including two from debut authors.

Paul Johnstone amusingly describes his new book, The Soul Collector, as "a deeply weird combination of private eye noir (my natural habitat), the police procedural and the Golden Age Agatha Christie-style novel."

Debut writer, Steven Hague, has created an urban noir novel featuring a classic all-American anti hero, Zac Hunter, in Justice for All. More to come in a sequel that's already planned for 2009 too...!

Another debut author, E.V. Seymour, has written an unusual and enthralling fast-paced, dramatic thriller in The Last Exile. MIRA are giving this title a major push and we're sure this is an author you'll be seeing lots more of in future.

Our picture shows (l-r) Steven Hague, E.V. Seymour, CRIMESQUAD.COM Online Editor, Chris Simmons and Paul Johnston.


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