Chris does the Moonwalk

CRIMESQUAD.COM Online Editor, Chris Simmons, was delighted with the support he got by simply wearing a bra! Support of the financial kind that is... and all to raise funds for breast cancer charities. Chris joined 15,000 other participants in the annual London Moonwalk event and was no shrinking violet when it came to sporting his bra, kindly supplied by event sponsors Playtex, which had been heavily 'customised' for the occasion. (40DD for those interested in these things!)

Chris raised loads of money walking the 13 mile plus 'half Moon' course and was really thrilled by the generosity of members of the crime and thriller community who sponsored him, including numerous well-known authors and publishers.

"I'd like to thank everyone who sponsored and sent me their good wishes. It was a very surreal night, and walking around London at 3am wearing a pink feathered bra ranks high in my 'strange but true' list of life experiences, but I'm glad I did it and delighted we raised lots of money to support this very worthwhile cause." said Chris

Chris looks set to have raised well over £1,000 in both sponsorship and online donations, but he is still able to collect sponsorship and 'support' in the form of online donations so if you feel inspired (or embarrassed!) into helping this effort even further please click on the link below and donate as much or as little as you feel able to afford. Every penny helps!

CLICK HERE - to make your donation online and support Chris' efforts to raise lots more cash for breast cancer charities.

Our picture shows our illustrious Online Editor, Chris Simmons, wearing his fetching pink bra and feathered cap combo. We did promise embarrassing pictures to those who sponsored him so, well, here you go... Remember, if you've enjoyed seeing Chris make an absolute plonker of himself, it's not too late to donate.


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