About Tridor Presidents Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches Review

The comparison of replicamagic3.to is done here. We have two Tridor Presidents, 26mm on the left and 36mm on the right. Now, they used to call these men and women, and this is the Day-Date 36 traditional size on the right side of the men's replica watches. That's the 26 ladies on the left. But the ladies are wearing both sizes now. So, just curious which woman you would wear as, would you prefer 26mm or 36mm? Our manager at replicamagic3.to wears 36 pieces a day. Of course, these are factory original diamonds. We didn't do any custom work on replicamagic3.to - the Rolex factory is all over the place. These Tridor replica watches are very interesting and unusual because they are completely 18 carat gold. They are white gold, rose gold, yellow gold combined, mainly white gold, but you can see in the center yellow, gold bezel and rose gold, yellow and white gold stripes. A very interesting look, very unusual and definitely a unique watch to wear and not see many others wearing the same replica watch.

118208 Rolex Day-Date Yellow Gold Automatic White Roman Numeral Dial

A Brief Overview

First introduced in 1956, the Tridor Presidents Rolex Day-Date replica has always been made in yellow gold or platinum. No matter what anyone says, it is the brand's flagship replica watch. The Rolex President Tridor is a relic from the 1980s and it is an interesting twist on the Day-Date. The most prestigious of Rolex dress replica watches, the Day-Date is made only in yellow gold or platinum. In fact, the Trider version is refined using three different types of gold and has a very distinctive look. The Rolex Day-Date Ref. 36mm Oyster case. 18239 is made in 18k white gold, but topped with a fluted 18k yellow gold bezel, both wrapped in a silver dial with yellow gold hands and yellow gold hour markers to highlight the classic beauty of the President collection. However, it is the President bracelet that gives the Tridor its name and signature style.

The replica Rolex Day-Date Tridor was born in the decade when two of my favorite baseball teams last won the World Series (Baltimore and Detroit ...... lament): the 1980s. Tudor (Tridor) brought a Day-Date in a white gold case, but brought a bracelet to show that even a clumsy Rolex was not immune. A suspicious taste of the times. Rolex decided to paint a rainbow of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold right underneath Main Street (that's the center section), a mixture they call " Tridor". catchy, isn't it? Then they offered a gold fluted bezel, a white gold crown, and the opportunity for color blind buyers to throw almost any clashing dial onto the replica watches. The a Tridor Presidents Rolex Day-Date replic made its way into the early 2000s, but it was not replica watches you saw often and almost never today. Now, I'll admit to you that I'm a sucker for this kind of quirkiness, and I'd be happy to own the Credo Tridor.

Unique Design

In the late 1980s, Rolex released the Rolex Day-Date Ref18239, which quickly became known as the Men's Rolex Day-Date " President " after it was discovered that President Eisenhower wore Tridor Presidents Rolex Day-Date replica. This rich and luxurious symbol of accomplishment soon became popular among the rich and famous. The mixture of the three main colors of gold was considered so chic in the 1980s that triple gold jewelry suddenly appeared and Rolex presented a version of this trend to the President Tridor. ref The exterior semicircular links of the iconic President bracelet. 18239 is made of 18k white gold to match the case, but the center link is a mixture of 18k rose gold, yellow gold and white gold . Unlike the Rolesor, where the metals are completely mixed together, the Tridor Presidents Rolex Day-Date replica takes a different approach. The colorful gold stripes are carefully blended together to produce perfectly straight lines along the entire length of the bracelet - a very unique design that anyone can see twice. The dial of the replica watches features a silver finish and can be white or yellow gold with Roman numerals or alert time markers. The timepiece is fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on top and a Cyclops lens above the date display for easy reading. The visual appeal and impressive construction of the Rolex President certainly give the impression of luxury and success. Due to its powerful appeal, the Rolex President is highly sought after by collectors. However, the price between Rolex Presidents may vary depending on a number of factors, including the release date, dial configuration and overall condition of the timepiece.

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