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Due to an unexpected and tragic bereavement, there will not be any updates in September. New reviews will be online on the 1st October. Many thanks for your understanding. I would also like to thank all those who have sent kind condolences at this difficult time.

Author of the Month for August is Sabine Durrant. Crime writer and reviewer, Sheila Bugler waxed lyrical about this new book. Reading Sheila’s review, I was struck at how much like a Patricia Highsmith this novel sounded. It all begins with a little white lie… which leads to another little lie… then a bigger lie… until lie upon lie explode and the truth of a past crime spills out. Based on a fictional Greek island, it also has a frisson of Christie’s, ‘And Then There Were None’. I don’t what it is about people being trapped on a remote island where there is no place to run and hide, but Durrant makes this feeling of entrapment leap from the page! This is another of those books you cannot forget to pack in your suitcase.

Fresh Blood was nominated by another crime writer and reviewer, Graham Smith who sang the praises of newcomer, A.A. Dhand and his debut, Streets of Darkness. Based in his hometown of Bradford, Dhand has brought to the fore a much needed addition that has been lacking in crime fiction – a Sikh detective. Harry Virdee is married to a Muslim, a decision that estranged them from both their families. Dhand shows us another side of a multi-cultural Britain that many do not know about, mixed with a gripping crime thriller based in an unstable city. This truly is a fresh take on crime fiction.

Reviews page in August include Matt Hilton, Peter Robinson, Ragnar Jónasson, Stephen Booth, Jean Harrod, Chris Curran and more. A few more reviews will go up mid-month.

The Penguin microsite features Tim Weaver and the seventh book in his David Raker series, Broken Heart. As always, Weaver literally weaves a labyrinthine plot with plenty of action. This has to be THE book to take to the beach with you this summer!

Penguin Microsite

Classic Crime was recommended by July Fresh Blood candidate, Ralph Spurrier as one of his three books he would take with him on a desert island. I had heard but never read Roy Vickers and was intrigued by the title, The Department of Dead Ends. So, of course, like any true crime nut, I had to investigate and see what exactly was the D.D.E.? When a book has its own preface written by none other than Ellery Queen you begin to feel that one is about to read something very special.

Irish crime writer and reviewer, Sheila Bugler has put together a delicious Top Ten of her favourite books which have left a huge impression on her. There is a wonderful mix here and I am sure some that you will want to investigate yourself.

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