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July’s Author of the Month is Sharon Bolton. When a budding writer like reviewer, Michael Wood says Daisy in Chains is a novel he wishes he had written, then you know it HAS to be given top billing. Bolton is fast becoming a name in crime fiction with her quirky and dark psychological novels and this one is a blinder.

July’s Fresh Blood will be Ralph Spurrier and his debut, A Coin for the Hangman. In his debut, Spurrier has made his fictional novel feel biographical - Spurrier truly brings a sense of time and place to every page of this Historical melodrama. It is no shock that Henry Eastman is hanged for murder - but who was his victim, and did the authorities in fact hang the wrong man? Spurrier brings to life the beguiling and yet sad character of Henry Eastman. As you will see from Spurrier's answers, he wanted his book to feel factual and I can tell you he certainly succeeds in making his characters feel very real, indeed. Sublime.

Reviews page in July include Ahmet Altan, Hollie Overton, Gunnar Staalesen, Ruth Ware and Steve Burrows, plus many more.

The Penguin microsite features Howard Linskey and the second in his new series Behind Dead Eyes. Linskey seamlessly weaves three separate cases and ties them up effortlessly – delivering a mesmerising and addictive thriller in the same vein as the late, great Reginald Hill.

Penguin Microsite

Classic Crime is currently Miles Burton and the new addition to the outstanding British Library Classic Crime collection. I have highlighted Death in the Tunnel which was originally published in 1936. This is a wonderful little conundrum and will be a delight for all of those who love a crime novel based on conjecture and fact gathering rather than relying on today’s modern technology of CCTV and mobile phones. It is any wonder crooks were caught in those days as any Inspector appears to spend more time seeking a phone box than actually tracking down a criminal! This shows us how dedicated a policeman needed to be back then to ‘get their man’ and how much of a bloodhound they needed to be. As Burton’s books can be very expensive, it is great we can enjoy this author at a very reasonable price.

Irish crime writer and reviewer, Sheila Bugler has put together a delicious Top Ten of her favourite books which have left a huge impression on her. There is a wonderful mix here and I am sure some that you will want to investigate yourself.

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